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Don Drysdale: The Legendary Flamethrower

Gone way too soon was the great Hall of Fame flamethrower for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Don Drysdale. In a 1961 game against the first place Cincinnati Reds, the Dodgers were down big, and watching this, Don was not happy. When there was more trouble in the fifth inning, he asked to come into the game as a reliever. He promptly retired the side. Next inning, he was bent on sending a message. He knocked down the first three hitters, one being another Hall of Famer, Frank Robinson. Warnings from the umpire were ignored. Then Drysdale plunked Robinson! “Take your base.” And Drysdale was ejected from the game. Then the league suspended him for five games and fined him $100, back when $100 was serious money. Drysdale did eventually pay the fine. In person. He went into the commissioner’s office with a 55 pound bag. It was full of pennies. “Paid in full,” he announced, and walked out.