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By 2025, 30% of the entire retail economy will be transacted over the Internet. Brick and Mortar will be re-purposed as media to focus on selling the brand and its values. In this kind of market, a fan base becomes more than just “nice to have”, it becomes critical to the brand’s growth. If the “Amazon Effect” has put pressure on shopping malls, even hotels and casinos, to bring more celebrity experiences and stories, then CMG’s product, its client base, has become more relevant and exciting than in its entire 42 year history.

James Dean Restaurant - Prague

James Dean Restaurant

Opened in 2015, the James Dean Bar and restaurant is one of the most successful in Prague. It is even open 22 hours a day!

Canter's Deli Restaurant

Opened in 1925, Canter’s Deli can be found on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. It is known as the “Deli to the Stars” because celebrities from Guns n’ Roses to Obama come to Canter’s.

Canter's Deli
Bettie Page: Queen of Pinups

Bettie Page Queen of Pinups

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