CMG Amplifies Revolutionary Voices

CMG honors the lives of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the countless other African Americans whose lives have been senselessly taken at the hands of law enforcement. We stand with the Black community as the nation comes together to protest institutional racism and calls for systemic change.

CMG has the honor of representing many of the most influential voices in America’s fight for equal rights. Through voices facing severe oppression, these icons used the resources available to them to permeate not only America, but the world’s zeitgeist.

Dr. Maya Angelou wove words into tools of resistance and healing; Rosa Parks took a seat so others could stand for their civil rights; Malcolm X called for African Americans to realize human rights by any means necessary; Jackie Robinson marched on Washington and wrote letters to government officials,  Josephine Baker aided the French Resistance; Joe Louis and Arthur Ashe broke the color barrier of their respective sports; and Dizzy Gillespie utilized the language of Jazz to convey messages that words alone couldn’t.

We hope that through continuing to amplify these revolutionary perspectives, their words and actions will inspire the generations carrying their torches in the fight for racial justice and an end to police brutality.

CMG Worldwide Celebrates Diversity

CMG is committed to honoring the legacies of our clients who have challenged the status quo and pushed past barriers. On opening day of the Major League Baseball season, we commemorated Jackie Robinson’s 100th birthday with Spike Lee and Budweiser in a moving tribute to Robinson’s career as the first African American player in the MLB. For International Women’s Day, we celebrated the beauty, power, and resilience of black women in Google’s short film, “Black Girl Magic: A Moment in Search”. In April 2019, Beyonce released the trailer to her anticipated Netflix special “Homecoming” set to the impactful words of none other than Dr. Maya Angelou.

Budweiser - Impact

Google - Black Girl Magic

Netflix - Homecoming

CMG Welcomes Onboard

CMG Worldwide, the leader in marketing the most famous personalities of the 20th century and today, is delighted to announce the representation of playwright & poet Ntozake Shange, actor Ossie Davis and actress Ruby Dee.

Nerves of Steel

Tammie Jo Shults has spent her entire life loving the skies. Though the odds were against her, she became one of the few female fighter pilots in the Navy. In 1994, after serving her country honorably for eight years, Tammie Jo left the Navy and joined Southwest Airlines in the early 1990’s.

On April 17, 2018, Tammie Jo was called to service once again. Twenty minutes into a routine domestic flight, Captain Shults was faced with the unthinkable—a catastrophic engine failure in the Boeing 737 caused an explosion that punctured hydraulic lines and severed fuel lines, tearing away sections of the plane, puncturing a window, and taking a woman’s life. Captain Shults and her first officer, Darren Ellisor, struggled to stabilize the aircraft.

Drawing deeply from her well of experience, Tammie Jo was able to wrestle the severely damaged 737 safely to the ground. Not originally scheduled for that flight, there is no doubt God had prepared her and placed her right where she needed to be that day.

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