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Drake Has Shared An Unreleased Track Featuring Aaliyah

Considering Drake’s position (particularly in light of his recent string of record-breaking), he can pretty much do whatever he wants. And yes, that does include releasing never-before-heard tracks featuring Aaliyah. Wait, what?

You would be forgiven for thinking that “Talk Is Cheap” was actually created with Drake and Aaliyah looking longingly at one other from across the recording booth, as the production is really that flawless. But the song is actually from a now-abandoned project that attempted to re-work unreleased Aaliyah songs into pop gold with a little help from a variety of different artists. Unfortunately, Aaliyah’s family shut it down.

Drake even gave us a taste of this project back in 2012 when he dropped a track titled “Enough Said,” but the revelation of “Talk Is Cheap” is perhaps even better. And damn it if it doesn’t make us miss Aaliyah even more than we thought possible.

For more Drake and Aaliyah goodness, listen to “Enough Said” here.