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Glitzy Pooch Has A Down-To-Earth Message: Be Kind

From runt of the litter to top dog with homes in Hollywood and Indianapolis, the Princess of Beverly Hills is living a canine fairy tale. Her signature look: Pink highlights on her legs, ears and tail, and the sparkling necklace around her neck.

“She’s pink and white, and full of love,” Princess’ owner Stacey Whitmore says. The Maltese-poodle mix is the inspiration for the plush characters in Hobby Lobby stores, DEMDACO Princess stuffed animals and interactive play sets, her own jewelry and chocolate lines and a soon-to-be-published children’s book.

She’s comfortable on the catwalk, perched before cameras at toy fairs and with the wind in her hair on Geist.

At home, away from the spotlights and her 446,000-plus Twitter followers, Princess is “just a dog,” says Whitmore, the wife of Fishers-based CMG Worldwide CEO Mark Roesler. “She’s like an only child. We baby her.”

How did this pink pup’s Hollywood dream come true start?

“I never had children of my own and wanted her to be my princess,” says Whitmore, who adopted the “so tiny” dog and made her the Princess of their Beverly Hills home.

Whitmore wanted to dress up the dog in outfits, but that was vetoed by Roesler. “So I figured I’d skin the cat another way,” Whitmore says, and the idea of hair bows and jewelry was born.

The first pink highlight was on Princess’ tail — to be sure there was no allergic reaction. Then it was a gradual process, with the dog’s ears and legs next.

“There she was — this pink-and-white Maltipoo,” Whitmore says.

And sporting a Swarovski crystal necklace — something Whitmore knows quite a lot about. As a brand consultant for some of the most iconic celebrity clients at her husband’s company, she designed the Jewelry of Legends line sold on HSN.

Now Princess’ likeness is trademarked and licensed. And yes, Princess is a celebrity client of CMG. You might say Princess is Stacey and Mark’s pet project.

Princess has her own stylist, trainer, photographer and publicist. At the toy shows and photo shoots, she poses regally atop a pink pillow for the puparazzi.

“She is really good about it,” Whitmore says. “She gets it. She sits down and waits.”

Princess is no ordinary show dog. She has a message that comes through in the children’s book detailing her life. That message also is the back story for her plush toys and a recurring theme in her tweets.

“Princess may be beautiful, but she knows the most important thing is being a best friend,” her book says.

“She always waits her turn, shares her toys, and keeps a paws-itive attitude.”

Princess’ publicist, Hollywood branding expert Michael Levine, says Princess is the anti-Grumpy Cat.

And what’s Princess like at home? She’s dog-gone cute. “She will run up the stairs to her toy box, then come running down the stairs to present a toy,” Whitmore says. “She’s so glad I’m home.”

What’s next for Princess? More pink-and-white accessories for young girls, toys and interactive play sets from DEMDACO this summer.

For Princess, an underdog turned wonder dog, it’s a dog’s life – one lucky dog’s life.


SOURCE: Indy Star