Lou Gehrig

Lou Gehrig


The Iron Horse.

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Henry Louis Gehrig, born in the Yorkville section of Manhattan in New York City on June 19, 1903, was an American professional baseball player, who signed his first contract with the New York Yankees in April 1923. Over the next 15 years, he led the team to six World Series titles and set the record for most consecutive games played. Gehrig retired in 1939 after being diagnosed with ALS and passed away from the disease in 1941.

1939 – inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

2,130 professional games played

1st athlete to have his number retired

23 grand slams in his career

The only player in history to drive more than 500 runs in three years

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"Let's face it, I'm not a headline guy. I always knew that as long as I was following Babe to the plate I could have gone up there and stood on my head. No one would have noticed the difference. When the Babe was through swinging, whether he hit one or fanned, nobody paid any attention to the next hitter. They were all talking about what the Babe had done."

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