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Barbie As María Félix

Not only fans of Latin American cinema but serious movie lovers everywhere know that singer and movie star María Félix was one of the most beautiful actresses of the Golden Age of motion pictures in Mexico. She made 47 films in Mexico, Argentina, Spain, France and Italy. With her strong and dynamic personality, punctuated by a frequently arched right eyebrow, early on in her career during the 1940’s and 1950’s, María Félix earned the title of diva. And based on her unforgettable character in Dona Barbara (1943), she became known as “La Dona.”

Now, perhaps not so coincidentally, with the success of Warner Bros.’ new boxoffice smash feature film that celebrates female empowerment titled Barbie (2023), starring Margot Robbie, Mattel is seeking to honor the “late and legendary Mexican actress” María Félix by creating and issuing in a limited edition, a new, branded Barbie doll in her image.

According to a statement on Mattel’s website, “An incomparable beauty with ambition, intelligence, drive, and social conscience, María Félix was a Mexican movie star whose performances in international films captivated audiences across the world. She used her fame and influence to advocate for positive change across Mexican and Latin societies. Barbie honors this cultural icon with a doll that glimmers in an elegant gold and black gown and shines with ornate oversized jewelry.”

Mattel made the announcement recently on Mexico’s National Day of Cinema. The new María Félix Barbie was just introduced as part of the “Barbie Signature — Tribute Collection” label. Fans rushed to Mattel’s online shop where the Barbie doll dedicated to Mexico’s iconic film star was available for purchase at the higher than usual price of $40 (possibly owing to several accessories such as ornate jewelry and satin gloves important to the image of María Félix). The María Félix Barbie doll sold out immediately!

A fitting tribute for someone who with her social conscience and intelligence advocated for women’s equality and indigenous people, delivered at just the right time.