Legends Museum

Museum Entrance

CMG Worldwide’s museum, known as The Legends Museum, opened in December 1999, as a tribute to the greatest personalities of the past 100 years. Visitors are encouraged to look deeper into yesteryear, and see what made the entertainment, sports, and music industries so great, as they peer into each display case, wondering about the past.

Items belonging to Bettie Page, James Dean, Ella Fitzgerald and other legends are proudly displayed in the museum, and it is with great pleasure that CMG shares the accomplishments and achievements of these legends with the public.

Legends Museum Donations
The Legends Museum is a non-profit museum that largely caters to school children in Indianapolis, as well as the surrounding areas. Our collections are, for the most part, funded by the generous donations of historical organizations and memorabilia collectors. We would be more than happy to provide you with the proper tax donation forms, if you choose to donate to our museum.

Interested in donating memorabilia, photos, or other museum-quality items to CMG Worldwide?

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Marilyn Monroe's Wig
Marily Monroe Wig
This wig was worn in the 1961 classic "The Misfits."

Marilyn Monroe personified Hollywood glamour with an unparalleled glow and energy that enamored the world. As she made the transformation from Jorma Jeanne to Marilyn, her images graced thousands of magazines and advertisements. She went on to dominate the age of movie stars to become, without a question, the most famous woman of the 20th century. Now, 50 years later, she is still one of the most sought after images for advertising and merchandise.

CMG Worldwide frequently works with stage, screen, and playing-field legends, many of which have intriguing and exciting stories to tell. Our experienced personnel can assist you with displaying your memorabilia and can help you to build an exhibit that tells a story.

While the Legends Museum normally features displays that provide an overview of our legendary clients, from time to time, our office showcases a very selective exhibit. In 2004, the Indianapolis office hosted the worldwide premier of Robert Otto’s Marilyn—The Exhibit. This exhibit highlighted artifacts and memorabilia from one of the most beloved screen actresses of all time.
Every year, CMG celebrates the legacy of a number of distinguished African-Americans by displaying a Black History Month exhibit through the end of February. The most recent exhibit featured personal items once belonging to Maya Angelou, Ella Fitzgerald, Malcolm X, Joe Louis, Florence Griffith Joyner, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Joe Louis, Duke Ellington, Josephine Baker, Billie Holiday, Eartha Kitt, and Redd Foxx.

If you are interested in having CMG host your exhibit and memorabilia, please contact us here.