Joe Louis

Joe Louis


The Brown Bomber.

Client Since 1994.

Born on May 13, 1914 in Alabama, Joe Louis was a professional American boxer. In 1937, he became boxing’s heavyweight champion after defeating James J. Braddock and, a year later, knocked out Max Schmeling in the first round of his match, which made him a national hero. After his retirement, he served as a referee for wrestling and boxing matches. Louis passed away from cardiac arrest on April 12, 1981.

68-3 – Career record, which included 54 knockouts.

1950s – Briefly dabbled in professional wrestling

140 consecutive months – length of Louis’ championship reign

4.6 million dollars earned over his boxing career

Nicknamed The Brown Bomber

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"I hope they’re still making women like my momma. She always told me to do the right thing. She always told me to have pride in myself; she said a good name is better than money."

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