Many distinct services and areas of expertise reside under CMG’s Legal Services. CMG Worldwide regards the legal aspects of its business as the foundation upon which its other departments are constructed. As a manifestation of that philosophy, CMG Worldwide takes an active role in the creation and revision of laws that protect brands and personalities, generating high-profile, precedent setting victories for its clients through litigation against entities such as:

Major League Baseball: CMG Worldwide earned the critical right for retired players to be shown in their team uniforms while endorsing a product or service.

Warner Bros.: After CMG Worldwide had successfully nurtured the James Dean name and likeness into one of the most successful brands in the world, Warner Bros. attempted to claim ownership of James Dean because the star was under contract with them at the time of his death. CMG Worldwide successfully established that the family, not the production company, owned these rights. This case has since been used by countless celebrities to effectively protect and market their names and likenesses.

Spike Lee (unauthorized production of “Malcolm X”): This case established that Malcolm X's widow, Betty Shabazz, controlled the rights to the "Malcolm X" used in association with her husband for the merchandise and apparel produced to promote the movie "Malcolm X." Spike Lee was ordered to pay Shabazz an appropriate licensing fee.

Our legal services include:

Intellectual Property Assessment

CMG’s legal team provides a thorough assessment of our clients’ intellectual property holdings. By analyzing a client’s Right of Publicity, Trademark, and Copyright assets, CMG Worldwide can position and legally strengthen your brand against counterfeiters.

Infringement and Policing

CMG's reputation as the "global police" is achieved by our aggressive stance in monitoring and pursuing any unauthorized use of our clients. We utilize a combination of methodologies to patrol for infringements and protect our clients’ assets.

Social Media & Domain Recovery

CMG's legal team constantly fights, and consistently wins, battles with cyber squatters and counterfeit social media handles, as it is our duty to establish and protect our client's rights on a worldwide basis.

Expert Witness

CMG Worldwide is often sought out to assist in litigation involving personalities and brands, including proprietary lineage disputes, infringement valuations, and countless other permeations and issues that implicate intellectual property law.

Event Speakers

The intricate and rapidly evolving realm of intellectual property law, combined with the level of expertise CMG executives possess in this field, make CMG's executives greatly sought-after guest speakers and lecturers. They are frequently featured speakers for university forums, award banquets, legal symposiums and major network news programs.

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