CMG Worldwide’s professional reputation for celebrity branding, licensing, intellectual property rights management, and event services is unparalleled.

CMG Clearances

In its fourth decade of licensing and clearing various intellectual property rights, CMG Worldwide is the recognized leader in this field. CMG provides peace of mind that you have addressed all outstanding clearance concerns, while helping you navigate through and effectively manage the licensing process.


In a business where new challenges and opportunities arise daily, our aggressive marketing staff rises to the occasion. Over a quarter of a century of established and well-esteemed business relationships, coupled with our expertise in securing domestic and international campaigns, makes for an unbeatable combination. As one of CMG’s largest departments, marketing enables us to maximize a client’s name, image, likeness, artistic works, trademarks, service marks and other intellectual property in a manner consistent with their priorities and long-term goals.


By combining the expertise of both our legal and marketing departments, CMG Worldwide can effectively address contractual matters on behalf of its clients.


Many distinct services and areas of expertise reside under CMG’s Legal Services. CMG Worldwide regards the legal aspects of its business as the foundation upon which its other departments are constructed.

Design & Technology

The Design & Technology branch of CMG Worldwide was created to marry technology with intellectual property assets. Our highly skilled and experienced staff provides each of our clients with exceptional customer service and the ability to creatively implement intellectual property solutions.


CMG Worldwide can offer its consultation services for areas where we have the expertise.


The E-commerce Services Division of CMG Worldwide offers an array of services, which benefits multiple parties including our clients, our licensees, and the adoring fans of the personalities making up CMG's roster. The core focus of the E-commerce Services Division is to generate a customized e-commerce strategy for each client by selecting the right mix of services, which will ultimately result in additional royalties to our clients, as well as increased development and retention of the client fan base.


CMG Worldwide offers a unique backdrop for a variety of different event services that are available to outside organizations or individuals. Whether conducting business or pleasure, one will find our buildings to be beautiful, spacious, and very accommodating.

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