The E-commerce Services Division of CMG Worldwide offers an array of services, which benefits multiple parties including our clients, our licensees, and the adoring fans of the personalities making up CMG's roster. The core focus of the E-commerce Services Division is to generate a customized e-commerce strategy for each client by selecting the right mix of services, which will ultimately result in additional royalties to our clients, as well as increased development and retention of the client fan base.

CMG achieves these goals by offering the following mix of e-commerce services:

Web Stores

CMG successfully built a web store platform, which is easily replicated and customizable from client to client. Today, CMG manages web stores for many clients, including JamesDean.com, BettiePage.com, and AmeliaEarhart.com. In addition to providing a supplemental revenue stream for CMG Worldwide, the web stores have also served as an excellent distribution support tool to our licensees through the consignment arrangements that we have set up.

Social Media

CMG also develops, maintains and enhances various forms of social media like Facebook and Twitter for several clients that include James Dean, Bettie Page and Ella Fitzgerald to name a few.

Social media plays an integral role in gaining a deeper consumer insight and facilitates consumer influence. With over 500 million users on Facebook alone, it is vital to participate in these networking giants to reach consumers. CMG continues to expand its social media strategy by constantly updating our clients’ “Fan Pages” with promotions, videos, photos and trivia questions to build interaction among users. This interaction helps build our clients’ brands and gain customer loyalty.

CMG uses this information or “insights” to reach out to licensees and other potential new clients. For example, our clients’ Facebook insights help us understand and analyze trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content. This allows us to target our clients’ audience and pioneer new and improved strategies to increase revenue.

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