Design & Technology

The Design & Technology branch of CMG Worldwide was created to marry technology with intellectual property assets. Our highly skilled and experienced staff provides each of our clients with exceptional customer service and the ability to creatively implement intellectual property solutions.

Web Development

CMG Services can supply every component necessary for a Website, from strategic planning and design, to professionally written content, to maintenance and support. We currently host and manage over 200 sites.

Brand Development

Our design team works closely with every client to identify and develop each of his or her branding suites. By developing cohesive style guides, logos, pitch materials, and client websites, our team successfully positions each personality in the marketplace.

Information Systems Development

CMG Solutions has developed what is perhaps the leading business management program for owners of intellectual properties. Our software program allows the intellectual property owners to market, protect and track all uses of its clients in order to maximize the revenue potential for each property.

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