CMG Worldwide can offer its consultation services for areas where we have the expertise.

Rights and Clearances

Whether a campaign involves the use of the intellectual property rights of one of our clients or that of a third party, CMG Worldwide can handle the clearance for the entire program. We will conduct the necessary research, locate the proper rights holders, negotiate fees, draft all appropriate agreements, and handle all approvals to ensure contract compliance.

Consulting and Negotiation Signings

CMG Worldwide enjoys national notoriety as the leader in celebrity valuation, and more than a dozen celebrity plaintiffs have retained CMG Worldwide executives over the past 10 years to provide expert witness testimony in litigation or celebrity valuation for estate or business planning.

Retail Development

Our experts have experience in developing retail stores and store design consultation, and have consequently introduced over 50,000 products to various markets including hotel resorts, theme parks, mass markets, specialty and department stores. We do so by providing strategic and actionable advice to companies that wish to improve the sales and distribution of their product.

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